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i just think deer are neat tbh
OH also if u like my work and want a game soundtrack of your own just dm! + my pronouns are he/him



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iu_296605_8940630.jpgPico says thanks for the support! Art credit to @TrickWithATwist , our insanely talented artist

First and foremost, it would be rash to ignore the insane amount of support we've received from you all. At the time of writing, we have about 13.6k views, 107 faves and 491 votes - all in under 3 days. We were not at all expecting the sheer amount of support and feedback at any point during the production process for this demo, so seeing has been an insane experience for us. Genuinely thank you for playing this. Like seriously, even if you played it once and didn't like it, you still experienced what we've spent weeks making. And if you did like it, even just a little, we're stoked to have you join us on the journey towards the full game. Thank you for playing!

So what's planned after the demo?

The full game, of course! Since this demo was submitted for Pico Day 2021, the full game doesn't really have any time constraints, allowing us to focus on fine-tuning the final product. That means delivering a user-friendly, beautiful and most importantly FUN full game.

Easing the player in

A lot of the mechanics in the demo weren't fully explained and it was... well, pretty fast and difficult! While our amazing programmer @XZCendence has patched the game time and time again to squash bugs and include extra details on mechanics, we're going to put more of a focus on explaining them and slowly ramping up difficulty to let the player get comfortable with them. We're VERY early in the planning stage of what the full game is going to look like, but I wouldn't be surprised if this means a tutorial stage or just an easier first stage.

More bosses! More enemies!

The original Pico's School didn't just have one boss! We do love our Commander Fleet, but he's not just going to deliver a full experience by himself! Of course, we're going to add more bosses - more enemies - more ways to kill or be killed! You said it yourselves, this was a pretty short demo. We're gonna try our best to deliver a full experience.

Fine-tuning the experience

I said this earlier, but now that we're not really pressured to put a product out by a certain date, at least certainly not an imminent one, we have a lot more time to (and much fewer excuses not to) deliver a more fine-tuned, beautiful game to you guys. More refined mechanics, prettier art, and more atmospheric music. In terms of music specifically (since I make it lol), I'm gonna try to add more ear candy and multifaceted experience to both new and existing tracks.

And during development?

Updates on progress! Regular blogs detailing how it's going so far with the full game. As of yet with it being less than 3 days since we actually released the game, we haven't made any significant additions, just patches. But once we get into the flow of production again we're definitely gonna have stuff to share. If you're a fan of the project so far, it would be pretty mean of us not to reveal SOME of what we're gonna be working on. Maybe if I make a pretty cool addition to the OST I'll release it on here - but that's not a promise!

We have a few ideas of what we want to show off, tease, add and include. But with us being just a portion of the way to that final, full game, it's not fair to promise any specific goals just yet. That's why it's important for us to deliver these regular updates.

Enough about the future - what about now?

Well... I mean, the continued feedback, criticism and appraise has helped and continues to let us know what we got right! Even if your comment feels like just one of many, we're trying our best to keep on top of them and take in your feedback and questions. Even just a few words helps us!

Any questions you still may have or are interested to know I'll try my best to answer. Feel free to comment your thoughts, your questions or even ideas!


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